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Major types of Loans available for purchasing...
A loan is a means of financing an expenditure. A lender views a loan differently, they see the loan as an investment and just like any other investor, they are looking for a profitable return on their investment. For a lender, a loan must generate...[read more]

Types of listing Agreements
You should be aware of the most used Types of listing Agreements if you are Investing in real estate is a full time job and can take a lot of time and effort. As an investor you want to do whatever you can to give yourself the highest return...[read more]

Encumbrances on real estate and importance...
In order to make money in real estate one needs to be able to buy low and sell high. In order to make this happen one needs to find a motivated seller, this seller has to be motivated and have clear title to the property. Title is the right...[read more]

What can I do with a Real Estate License...
Investors always ask me if it is worthwhile for them to get a real estate license – the answer depends on each individual situation. Having a real estate license will ultimately save you quite a bit of money when you sell the property as you...[read more]

Real Estate Investing is the smartest...
Do you want to know which is the smartest and best way to invest your money? With the real estate market on the rise, everybody is wanting to get in the action and start investing in real estate. Where is the best place to invest your money?...[read more]


Testimonial Provided By Client: Nigel and Penny
Hello, Thank you Mark for your dedication and patience with us. This is a new endeavor, everything is unfamiliar but with your support and knowledge we are opening new doors. We really do appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for always...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Jon & Marilyn
I cannot express how excited we are to be working with our Coach and Real Estate Sales LLC. We started on Sept 22, 2017 and we were working hard marketing and working the process after a few short days. Within the first week we were getting...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Josh & Kayla
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with Real Estate Sales LLC and my coach. I started marketing to motivated sellers around the first of August 17’. I trusted the process and did what the training materials and my coach suggested....[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Eddie & Darice
My wife and I decided to get into a business of our own. We started looking into franchising and soon found out that not only was it expensive but, we still had to be locked into one spot for many hours of everyday of the week. Not to mention...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Jacob
After working through the system with my coach, I am so glad I chose Real Estate Sales LLC. Not only did they put me with a coach that is doing what I am doing everyday but the training is extremely interactive. It’s nice to have a coach...[read more]

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