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Tips and Tricks for Getting Listings...
If you are a new real estate agent you will need to work hard to get listings. Below you can find Tips and Tricks for Getting Listings as a New Real Estate Agent. With this being said there are many different ways to make this happen, all you...[read more]

Attracting High Quality Leads on the...
Attracting High Quality Leads on the Web is vital for your real estate business. Internet buyer and seller lead generation accounts for nearly 50 percent of my real estate business. If you are serious about your business you will invest in a...[read more]

5 Ways to Handle Difficult Clients and...
Whatever business you decide to pursue, you will need to be able to handle difficult clients. Unfortunately, real estate is no different, so make sure you are ready to deal with those “difficult” folks. To be the very best at your job, you need...[read more]

Why Mindset Fuels the Successful Real...
Want to become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur? Read on.. As an entrepreneur, mindset is everything. Everyone would agree that a successful real estate investor does not think the same way as a W-2 employee. There are certain skills which...[read more]

Reasons Real Estate Investing is Agents’...
You will ask: Reasons Real Estate Investing is Agents’ Path to Wealth? Real estate has provided many folks with a great income and an opportunity to own their very own business. Real estate agents can make very good money selling homes to private...[read more]


Testimonial Provided By Client: Kathy
We have been involved with Real Estate Sales, LLC for about 4 weeks. We are glad we made the decision to invest in this opportunity. Our Coach, Mark Speilman, has been right there with us every step of the way. We mailed letters to Motivated...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Brian and Heather
My wife Heather and I have had an excellent experience thus far with Real Estate Sales LLC. Our coach Nick has been fantastic, and has really helped us get off to a great start. Nick has been available whenever we have needed to get in touch...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: James &Monica
In 2016, my wife was diagnosed with Liver cancer. At this point, my life began to change. We went from two incomes to one income which was my income. I was a Software Engineer with a Fortune 500 Company making six figures a year. My wife was...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Bryan
Dear Brian/Real Estates Sales, LLC., Wanted to thank you for all of your HELP. I began with you in Feb. of 2015 and was making progress but unfortunately was involved in an almost fatal motorcycle accident in May of 2015 which really affected...[read more]

Testimonial Provided By Client: Nigel and Penny
Hello, Thank you Mark for your dedication and patience with us. This is a new endeavor, everything is unfamiliar but with your support and knowledge we are opening new doors. We really do appreciate your time and effort. Thank you for always...[read more]

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